The C4 Research Consortium (C4C) is a network of dynamic research organizations bridging the gaps between climate science, social science, and computer science and generating powerful new insights into the cultural consequences of climate change.

Consortium Members – Confirmed

Center for International Climate Research (here)
Håkon Sælen, Senior Researcher (here)


Center for Mind and Culture (here)
Wesley J. Wildman, Executive Director (here)
Christopher Frantz, Research Associate (here)

Consortium Members – In Negotiations

MIT Energy Initiative (here)
Antje Danielsen, Director of Education (here)

Center for Strategic Studies (here)
Monica Duffy Toft, Director (here)

Center for Modeling Social Systems (here)
F. LeRon Shults, Scientific Director (here)
Roger Normann, Administrative Director (here)

Center for Climate and Security (here)
Joshua Busby (here)
Francesco Femia, Co-Founder (here)
Caitlin Werrell, Co-Founder (here)

Centre for Development and the Environment (here)
Nina Witoszek, Head of Research (here)

Center for Integrated Emergency Management, University of Agder (here)
Christian Webersik, Deputy Director (here)

Global Ecological Change & Sustainability Laboratory, University of Guelph (here)
Madhur Anand (here)

Peace Research Institute of Oslo (here)
Sebastian Schutte, Senior Researcher (here)

Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (here)
Saikou Diallo, Chief Scientist (here)